2022 Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop, Orford, Quebec, Canada

2 October 2022, 7:00 PM - 6 October 2022, 5:00 PM

Orford, Quebec, Canada


SiQEW is almost here!

In less than one week, you'll be mixing and mingling with other researchers from around the world; over 150 participants from Europe, Japan, Korea, China, Australia, the U.S. and Canada will attend this year’s workshop.

All events will happen in one convenient location, so you'll have more time to network and build relationships than ever before.

Update your profile today at SIQEW 2022. Be sure to upload your photo—networking works so much better when people know what faces to look for in a crowd.

How's the weather?

At this time of the year, almost anything can happen—from warm, sunshiny days to snow. Bring layers that you can put on or take off to stay warm, dry or cool. While temperatures generally linger around 279-289K, we've seen them go as high as 298K and then drop to 273k overnight—be prepared! (t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweater, windbreaker/raincoat, jacket, pants, shorts)


Mittens, knit cap... and a bathing suit!

The hotel has a swimming pool and spa for you to enjoy during your stay. The site is located in the midst of nature, so don't be surprised if you see deer or wild turkeys wandering the grounds.

At the top of Orford - wear good walking shoes.

Your mountain adventure on October 3rd will deliver you spectacular views of Quebec's breathtaking autumn colours—and maybe the mysterious sea serpent believed to inhabit nearby Lake Memphremagog! 

Plan on hiking to the summit? Wear good hiking boots. Yes, you can ride the gondola, but it's rocky and uneven at the top and can be much cooler and windier than it is at the bottom - grab that extra layer!

"Une poutine s'il vous plait." (One "poutine* please)

Order up Quebec's signature dish of french fries with gravy and cheese if you have the chance to hang out at the Bistro bar at Estrimont Suites & Spas.


All the SIQEW information directly on your phone

To be ready for your stay, download the " Grenadine event guide" directly from App Store or Google Play. The app will ask you to enter a code to access the event's site. Simply enter the code: siqew2022. You'll be all set for your time at the Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop! 

Thanks to our scientific committee: 

Jonathan Baugh, University of Waterloo Willaim Coish, McGill University Stefanie Czischek, University of Ottawa Dominique Drouin, Université de Sherbrooke Eva Dupont-Ferrier, Université de Sherbrooke Louis Gaudreau, National Research Council Ottawa Oussama Moutanabbir, Polytechnique Montréal Michel Pioro-Ladrière, Université de Sherbrooke Stephanie Simmons, Simon Fraser University Lan Wei, University of Waterloo Jeff Young, University of British Columbia


Thank you again.

I hope to see you all


For oral presentations :

The preferred option is to upload your presentation on  www.SiQEW2022.ca. You need to log into your account, select My profile and then, on the My Documents section, upload your presentation in ppt or pdf format. All files will be deleted after the workshop. Alternatively, we will have adapters for HDMI/USB-c/DisplayPort if you wish to use your own computer. We ask all presenters to check their presentation with the audio/video technician located in the conference room 30 minutes prior to the session start. 


For posters presentations:

We remind authors that you need to print your poster in A0 format (portrait).



Chair: Michel Pioro-Ladrière

Co-chairs: Eva Dupont-Ferrier and Dominique Drouin

Local organizer: Francine Poulin






About 2022 Silicon Quantum Electronics Workshop, Orford, Quebec, Canada

Event Starts:  2 October 2022, 7:00 PM

Event Ends:  6 October 2022, 5:00 PM

Event Location:
Estrimont Suites & Spa
44 Av. de l'Auberge
Orford, Quebec J1X6J3

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